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Inner Awareness
Believing in ET’s is not in conflict with Christianity

By Jaime Licauco
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 20:53:00 05/26/2008

Filed Under: Scientific exploration, Religion & Belief, Religions, People

MANILA, Philippines?Two successive news items in last week?s Philippine Daily Inquirer caught my attention. The first was on May 15 where the Vatican?s chief astronomer declared that believing in the existence of extraterrestrial creatures (ET?s) is not in conflict with Christianity.

The second was the news item the following day, May 16, saying the British defense department released a formerly classified file showing that aliens from outer space have been visiting the earth for many years now.

In an interview with the Vatican newspaper, Rev. Jose Gabriel Funes, a 45-year-old Jesuit priest who heads the Vatican Observatory was quoted as saying, ?How can we exclude that life has developed elsewhere? certainly, in a universe this big, you can?t exclude this hypothesis. Just as there is a multiplicity of creatures on earth, there can be other beings, even intelligent, created by God.?

The declassified UFO files of the British defense department, according to the Philippine Daily Inquirer news item, included a 1983 report from a 78-year-old man out fishing at midnight who followed aliens in green overalls to their spaceship and was told to go away because he was too old and decrepit for their purpose. The ministry has files of 11,000 sightings dating back to 1950?s. The existence of aliens from outer space visiting earth has consistently been officially denied by the US military establishment up to now, despite massive evidence to the contrary. This, despite the opinion of some highly respected American astronomers, like Dr. J. Allen Hynek of Yale University who believes in the possibility of intelligent alien life forms in other galaxies.

I believe in UFO?s because I?ve personally seen several such space crafts myself. And I have read about very credible stories told by authorities and professional people who have no reason to make up such stories about them. Some of the opposition for such belief in alien existence is religious in nature. Now that a Vatican astronomer himself has expressed belief in aliens, this should dispel some doubts about their reality.

Actually, even the Christian Bible itself gives a very vivid account of an alien encounter by the prophet and priest Ezekiel which is related in the very first chapter of this part of the Bible.

ET in America

About 15 years ago, an American graduate student in San Francisco wrote a Ph.D. thesis showing that aliens have been living on earth for hundreds of thousands of years now and have adopted earth personalities and habits. In his book ?From Elsewhere, Being ET in America,? researcher Scott Mandelkar even included a questionnaire which would indicate whether one is an alien or not.

In my Soulmates, Karma and Reincarnation seminar, I have come across at least two students of mine whose past lives were not from earth but from some other galaxies in outer space. Many times, such aliens among us have contributed new knowledge or invented new products that would help ease life on the planet.

I have been told that the Vatican keeps in its secret vaults a skull of an alien with big head and diamond-shaped eyes. Somebody in fact had sent me a picture of such mysterious skull through my cell phone. It is of course very difficult to verify the veracity of such a picture but it looks like the usual image we have of ET?s.

Erich Von Daniken in the 1950?s or 60?s was the first to popularize belief of alien visitation of earth through his very popular books, beginning with ?Chariots of the Gods.? The book was even made into a movie and created a cult following. But Daniken was later criticized by serious scholars for his questionable research, methodology and for his tendency to exaggerate his findings to fit his preconceived theories.

Other authors followed suit and made their own research. One of them was Andrew Thomas who wrote the book ?We are Not the First? which showed that some ancient peoples already had invented computers, batteries, electricity and even airplane models.

Alien abduction stories began appearing in the west. They tell of how creatures from outer space abducted them, examined them in their laboratories and then erased their memories of the abduction. Through hypnosis, they remembered everything. One of the most celebrated alien abductions was that of Betty and Barney Hill. Their story is told in a book entitled ?Interrupted Journey? by John G. Fuller. Then came journalist Whitely Strieber?s books on the same theme, beginning with ?Communion,? about his close encounters with alien creatures who had abducted him and brought him to their spaceships.

In the Philippines there are also numerous sightings of UFO?s in the sky but rarely do I hear of alien abduction of Filipinos. It seems the aliens visiting the west are different from those visiting the Philippines and other Asian countries. Here we do not experience cattle mutilations or aliens experimenting on humans. We are lucky in this sense.

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