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TWEET and Nick Quirino. Photo by Niño Mark M. Sablan



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What I would do this Christmas

By Niño Mark Sablan
Philippine Daily Inquirer

Last updated 18:01:00 12/19/2008

THE best way to celebrate Christmas is still with the family: giving your folks a big hug at the strike of 12, exchanging gifts with siblings or visiting grandparents and the rest of the clan.

However, did you ever pause to think how you?d like to celebrate Christmas?if you had your way, or if you were alone? Emphasis on the ?if,? because if you read what our respondents say, the best way to celebrate the holidays is still with the family, no matter who you consider family.

?Spend it with my significant other. Because Christmas is always about family. You never get to spend it with anyone else. There?s something essential in spending a night with someone you love in what should be the season of love.??Nick Quirino, 22, University of Auckland

?I?d still spend it with family, like we always do. But I?ll bring my significant other (I probably will this year) and spend time with the family too. Good food, good stories, good drinks! Then maybe hit the beach or go backpacking and traveling after!? ?Tweet, 18, DLSU-Manila

?If my mom didn?t have to know about it, I?d spend it with my dad, step-mom and half-brother in their house since I never got the chance to spend Christmas with my dad after he and my mom separated.?? Khrise Castro, 24

?I want to try and spend Christmas by getting drunk with friends if given a chance (FYI, not happening). Gulping vodka, tequila, iced margarita and B-52s, you name it. I bet that would absolutely freak my mom out.??Tosca Acorda, 23

?I would go to far-flung places where my parents can?t reach me. Maybe even go to places where Christmas is not being celebrated if I have the money, in the Arab region perhaps. I?d love to get a feel of what it is like to know it is Christmas season, but in an environment where nothing special is happening around?no bright lights, no carols, no gifts. I?d cook my own Noche Buena in the hotel and wrap my own gift. I think I?d appreciate more what I?d be missing had I celebrated it here in the Philippines. Then when I get so lonely in my hotel room, I?d call my parents and tell them, ?Mom and Dad, Merry Christmas, I?ll be home soon, it?s just so sad without you.??Joey Reyes, 24

?I?d skip Noche Buena and just sleep the whole day! Work has been crazy and I really want to catch up on sleep. My parents are the usual parents so they want the whole family to be together in welcoming Christmas and they just want to do the usual thing. But I?d rather sleep.?? Frangelico Atienza, 23

?I want to spend it with my friends, go to some beach and get drunk around a bonfire the whole night while singing Christmas songs.??Francis Garrucho, 21, DLSU

?A nice way to celebrate the season of gift-giving is by doing something charitable. I?d love to gather my close friends and celebrate the occasion by throwing a Noche Buena for a bunch of street kids, something my parents won?t have a problem with. They?d probably join in the celebration if they knew about it.??Toshio B., 26

?Spend it with the guy I love.??Heartbreaker, 19, CSB

?I?d love to have a huge Christmas dinner with lots of presents, lots of great food and lots of red wine. Especially the red wine.??Haydee, 22

?Same as always. I?ll spend Christmas with my family and relatives, eat all the delicious food prepared by my mom during Noche Buena, sing our hearts out in karaoke and if possible, we?ll go straight to the beach after all the Noche Buena celebration is done!??Sheena Lazo, 21, DLSU-Dasma

?I want to go to Baguio with my girlfriend and spend a very, very cool Christmas there. I?ve never really been on an out-of-town trip with just my girlfriend, so my parents?and her parents as well?would freak out a little if that happened.??Rey, 22

?I?d probably go to some far-away mountain resort hotel for a few days of R&R and photography.??Alex Gervacio, 23, FEU

?I can?t think of any other way of celebrating Christmas. It can be celebrated anywhere and any way, but only with my family since we?re so small and tight-knit. I have a girlfriend and I?d love to spend it with her and her family, but I don?t have the heart to leave my family because I think they love me a lot and I make them happy. I think they?d really love to celebrate it with me as well.??P. Zamora, 21

?I?d probably indulge myself in alcohol, which is something I?ve been doing the past Christmases, without my parents knowing about it, of course. It?s something I?d probably do again this year.??Perry Santos

?If my parents didn?t have to know about it, I?d buy my crush a very expensive watch. I?d love to celebrate Christmas with him as well, if only he knew about how I felt for him and if only he felt the same.??Dele, 20

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