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50 things you should do this summer

By Bianca Consunji
Philippine Daily Inquirer

Last updated 10:22:00 04/04/2009

MANILA, Philippines ? Now that you?re free from school, you have all the time in the world to do the things you?ve always wanted to do: ?Gossip Girl? marathons, long afternoons at the mall, endless hours playing Rock Band. But after a while, parking yourself in front of the computer or TV can get awfully boring and repetitive.

Want to do something new and possibly productive? 2bU came up with a list of things to do that can make your summer of 2009 one of the most memorable in your life ? if you try at least half the things on the list. Of course, some things are also purely just for fun (after all, that?s what summer is all about).

1. Volunteer for a charity organization; check Hands On Manila or Rock Ed for suggestions, or go directly to one that suits your interests (like PAWS).

2. Enroll in scuba diving lessons.

3. Learn a foreign language, preferably from a different continent.

4. Learn how to drive.

5. Start a blog (Keep it updated, and don?t fill it with ?memes.?)

6. Take up a new sport.

7. Go on an impromptu road trip with your friends.

8. Try to break a world record (your chances might be pretty slim, but half the fun is in looking for the silliest world records to break anyway).

9. Join a marathon and finish it.

10. Bake cookies and give them to the helpers/drivers/security guards in your neighborhood.

11. Create a summer 2009 playlist on iTunes.

12. Look for old high school photos and share them on Facebook or Multiply.

13. Build a sandcastle that could rival the ones in Boracay.

14. Go on a backpacking/camping trip.

15. Finish a whole round on board games like Monopoly, Taboo or Scrabble.

16. Have a sleepover and swear to serve nothing but cupcakes, burgers and chips.

17. Go on an all-fruit and vegetable diet the next day.

18. Get an internship or summer job even if you don?t need it.

19. Make popsicles from fruit juice or Coca-Cola.

20. Deconstruct an old dress or shirt and make something new (that you would actually wear).

21. Draw a self-portrait.

22. Write a poem and send it to a literary website or magazine.

23. Stay up all night to watch the sunrise.

24. Push someone into the pool with all their clothes on (make sure that he/she doesn?t have anything in his/her pockets, and that you?re prepared to be pushed into the pool as well).

25. Go skinny-dipping.

26. Make a music video ? shoot it with your friends and edit it to your favorite music.

27. Go white-water rafting or tubing.

28. Go eco and start a backyard garden?try flowers or small vegetables.

29. Read the entire Harry Potter, Gossip Girl, Twilight and Lord of the Rings series.

30. Start a band (not just a Rock Band band).

31. Organize a scavenger hunt for your family or friends.

32. Clean out your room and donate stuff that you don?t need.

33. Make homemade ice cream from scratch.

34. Go stargazing in the middle of an open field; bring a blanket and hot chocolate.

35. Learn a new musical instrument.

36. Build a time capsule and bury it in a secret location.

37. Play hopscotch on the sidewalk.

38. Pay a visit to your high school or university. Sneak into one of the summer classes and pretend to be a student.

39. Make a house of cards.

40. Learn a new dance.

41. Try bikram yoga and see how long you can last in the first class.

42. Pretend to be someone else for a day. Wear a wig, try a different style of clothing, put on makeup, speak with an odd accent . . .

43. Hold an eating contest with your friends: see who can eat the most, or the fastest.

44. Visit a museum you haven?t seen since grade school.

45. Set a Facebook day to look for old friends and classmates. Send them personal messages.

46. Do a Google day: learn how to use all the features of Google, like Google Earth, Maps, Reader, Scholar, etc.

47. Try working on a piece of art: sculptures, paintings, drawings, etc.

48. Work your way through BBC?s ?Top 100 Books? reading list.

49. Finish a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle.

50. Document your entire summer with a scrapbook.

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